I’m a Filthy Liar

Alright, that’s a little dramatic.

Nonetheless, my plans have changed. I’m not going to NYC after all — at least, not immediately. That’s because I’ve found my way into an exciting, to-be-disclosed position in Boston.

Which is dope.

There’s a problem, though. Boston is an awesome city with loads of opportunities for students. However, it tends to favor the independently wealthy more than entry-level creatives. For example, check out this piece from the Boston Globe on metropolitan inequality.

Boston is #1 on the list. (Which is not dope.)

Nevertheless, even in challenging places, determined people find a way. This blog post from my good friend Connor Butterworth sheds some light:

…I am trying to approach this transition in my life with more whimsy. If I move somewhere and don’t like it, I’ll go somewhere else. There are so many interesting cities and it seems a real shame to just pick one and stay there forever.

Funny enough, after seeing that Boston Globe article earlier today, before seeing Connor’s post, I was feeling my own anxieties. I penned some words of wisdom:

Yeah, Boston is a certain way. Some neighborhoods totally disappear in the summer. There’s terrible inequality.

But a few tips:

  1. Having a job, or any other thing, is not going to make you self-confident. You could always be doing more, making more, closer to perfect. The only thing that can make you feel good wherever you are is YOU.
  2. Going to a different place is not going to make your life good. Other places can be better in some ways, but meeting people, making moves, and growing is a choice you can make anywhere.



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